Saturday, May 16, 2009

not in mood for a long while

not in the right mood for a long time. too long and that scares me. will i keep being like this? thanx god i'm still doing some sketches on my sketch book. i don't really care about skills not... sadly... since i'm more worried about content.. feel like i'm an empty abandoned tin can. once the food is been eaton, left me nothing. and i don't want to be a tin can.

still have really bad sense of color..and been repeating myself again and again and again and again.. still cannot get rid of the habbit of starting at a random color scheme. i don't know why i pick a specific color, (because i feel it's right... that's my always answer) or choose a specifc composition. (by saying composition, there is none actually... ) Feel like me is falling apart, my hands and eyes and brain all doing their own job without thinking about others existance.. come on....this is a team work~

couple sketches. portrait.. as always. random... (landscape? hell know what is that) sketches. i really like the dirty brown. there are sooo many color in it and ends up with a dirty muddy unknown grayish, brownish color.

write too much this time... need to talk less and do more work.